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S Dawes Weaving has been chosen by talented designer Beatrice Larkin to weave the fabric for her luxurious throws and cushions.

Beatrice is a talented young designer, she was recently featured in the Ribble Valley Live magazine. Read the article here.

"I have a strong
belief in supporting British
manufacturing where
I can and having that
personal relationship
with production"

Learn about Beatrice’s journey in her own words, follow this link to watch her film by Studio Mond, which was partly filmed at S Dawes Weaving in Colne.

Beatrice will exhibit her new collection at Decorex International, which takes place 6th – 9th October 2019 at Olympia London

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Advert for local magazine – Colne Life, highlighting Industry in Pendle. Summer edition 2019


Colne Mill leads the way, weaving quality fabrics with recycled yarn made from plastic bottles.

Here at S Dawes Weaving at Greenhill Mill in Colne, we take our responsibility for environmental impact very seriously. The demand from our customers for low environmental impact fabrics has grown over the last few years and led us to sourcing materials, which are grown with sustainability in mind.

We have developed fabrics which are 90% recycled, woven with yarns made from old clothing and plastics including plastic bottles. The fabrics in every way feel and look the same as non-recycled products, there is no compromise in quality or performance.

Fabrics woven with yarns made from recycled plastic bottles
  • Recycled Cotton is made from old clothing
  • Recycled Polyester is from plastic bottles and other plastic waste
  • Since waste cotton is already pre dyed re dying is not necessary. The environmental benefit due to the saving on water, energy and chemical products is significant
  • Reduced CO2 emissions
  • Solar Energy is part used in production

We hope in 2020 to launch fabrics which are 100% recycled, as every bit helps in the push to save our planet.

We are also working with ‘The Better Cotton Initiative’ which is a worldwide organisation aimed at promoting sustainable farming methods and minimising environmental impact on the growing of cotton.  It also ensures good working conditions and fair wages for workers. We are working with some of our major clients to promote this initiative and move as much production as possible to BCI Cotton.

Where ever possible we will continue to do all we can to help safeguard our environment for future generations

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“Textiles- Not as we Know it”

The Biannual Conference of the Weaving Group
4th October 2018
Cedar Court Hotel, Huddersfield

The biennial conference attracted over 200 delegates and speakers and we were delighted to be approached to weave the banners to promote the event.

The conference is an opportunity to meet up with the industry professionals for varied presentations from the machinery makers and key topical speakers.

From woolens to airbags, linen to carbon fibre, industrial fabrics to apparel and from the four corners of the UK; this is the one conference and dinner where the various weaving sectors come together to talk about common issues; including Brexit this year!

Jeff Robins and Chris Catlow of S Dawes Weaving at the conference

Managing Director Stephen Shepherd (right) with Jeff Robins











The layout of the banner was created by Ben Brown of Alfred Brown Ltd. The yarn was supplied by Burberry, and then Joanna Brockbank our designer at S Dawes Weaving translated the design into weave, it was then woven at Greenhill Mill in Colne.

This was quite a challenge for our designer as there were only around 10 working days to turn this project into the finished product.  We worked on the design, added our logo and decided on a construction based on the yarn counts supplied in by Burberry. The banners were then cut and sewn by Herbert Parkinson; it was a joint effort of four companies.

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Oscha Baby Slings

Oscha Slings, one of our key clients, recently did a marketing campaign on Facebook featuring some of the staff at S Dawes Weaving. The clever posts introduced the people who work to produce the fabric and the end product. Staff were shown holding up cards explaining what part they played in the process. Facebook followers commented how interesting they found it to see the faces of the people who create slings they buy. Tom Shepherd who creates the complicated warps that are required for many of the complex Oscha designs said he had hundred of likes for the image of him holding up his card!

Oscha Slings are now a major client of ours, take a look at the new page we have created to showcase the work we do together – click here, to go to our Oscha page.

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