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Vogue Catwalk Show

vogue2We recently wove a fabric for a London fashion house which was made up into coats in Eastern Europe. At that time, another London Fashion House was sampling a new coat pattern with the same clothing manufacturer and asked them to use any spare fabric they had. They used our fabric and when the coat arrived back in the UK, they loved the fabric so much that they got in touch with the garment manufacturer to ask where the fabric was from. After our initial contact, we sent them a design featuring some statues, we then wove a Jacquard fabric sample. Once approved, an order was placed and the fabric was made up into a dress, coat and skirt. This was then showcased on the Vogue catwalk 2014.

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Upholstery Fabric with style

IMG_00001474We work closely with many High Street Retailers, developing fabrics to sit in their ranges for the forth-coming seasons. We analyse storyboards and create fabrics to complement the ranges. Below is an example of one of those products in 100% cotton. The design has been created by Joanna, presented to our customer and following several selection meetings, this will be available on the High Street in 2015. Here you can see the fabric on the loom being woven, then it made up on a small sofa for next year.

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Union Jacks woven in Pendle

High quality, colour woven chenille throws for the furnishings markets are being woven at S Dawes Weaving. The Union Jack designs have proven to be very popular and are very current this year, as Great Britain prepares to host the 2012 olympic Games in the summer.

Many high street retailers are incorporating the Union Jack design into their products, S Dawes Weaving’s chief designer has created a range of Union Jack themed designs in a range of colours to complement traditional and contemporary interiors. Contact us for more information.

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Textile Bosses Welcome Nelson Shuttle

‘Loom Sculpture hits the spot with textile bosses’, that was the headline on page 3 of the Nelson Leader newspaper after Stephen Shepherd and other local Textile Managers had been invited to view the new artwork in Nelson Centre.
Pendle Council have chosen to mark the rich textile heritage of Nelson with a very impressive piece of art, the 12-metre steel sculpture,  is a modern salute to Nelson’s historic weaving industry.

Designed and made by local tradesman David Palmer, who is from Nelson, the  five-tonne sculpture now holds pride of place in Nelson’s re-vamped shopping centre.

The shuttle scupture is made from the same material as the famous Angel of the North. It’s a weathering steel called COR-TEN™ which oxidises in the elements to become a warm orange colour.  The sculpture also incorporates an illuminated centre piece which looks very impressive after dark.

The Shuttle was officially unveiled in the town centre on Saturday August 20th.

Local business leaders in the textile industry were asked for their views on the new structure, Stephen Shepherd Managing Director of S.Dawes Weaving, welcomed the new addition saying, ” it was a great thing, a magnificent work of art, it reminds local people of the heritage of the cotton mills in the town, but I’d also like people to see it as a sign that the textile industry in the area is working hard to keep the heritage business alive and growing.”

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