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Oscha Baby Slings

Oscha Slings, one of our key clients, recently did a marketing campaign on Facebook featuring some of the staff at S Dawes Weaving. The clever posts introduced the people who work to produce the fabric and the end product. Staff were shown holding up cards explaining what part they played in the process. Facebook followers commented how interesting they found it to see the faces of the people who create slings they buy. Tom Shepherd who creates the complicated warps that are required for many of the complex Oscha designs said he had hundred of likes for the image of him holding up his card!

Oscha Slings are now a major client of ours, take a look at the new page we have created to showcase the work we do together – click here, to go to our Oscha page.

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EMMA WOOD – Talented young designer based in Berlin

Emma Wood is a young and talented designer who contacted Dawes from her base in Berlin to see if we could weave her 100% Merino Lambswool designs. We were delighted to work with Emma, and now weave all her fabrics at Greenhill Mill. Her products including blankets, cushions and throws are all woven in England and made in Berlin.

Emma visited Greenhill Mill a few months ago to see her new collection of designs being woven, and to get some footage for a video she was making for her own website, click the link to view Emma’s short film.

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