The team at Dawes have worked with Oscha Slings since their inception as a company several years ago. We have taken great pleasure from following Zoe Masters, a young talented designer and the team at Oscha as they turned the business into the success story it is today. Oscha is now a much sought after brand amongst design loving parents who want a quality product that’s designed and made in Britain. Oscha has become one of our key clients and we are very proud to have been there from the beginning to witness the amazing success of this inspiring business.

This is what Oscha say about our close working relationship.

“Dawes and Oscha Slings have been working together since early 2010. Creating distinctive weaves with innovative yarns, this partnership has been instrumental in forming Oscha’s reputation as forward-thinking & ethical craftspeople. We work to bring together the art of weaving with our artistic vision in beautiful woven baby carriers; a range of handmade products which are loved by thousands of families around the world.

Sewn in our Scottish workshop from Dawes’ Lancastrian fabrics, we are proud to say that our products are made entirely in the UK – indeed, we were the first jacquard woven sling company to produce our carriers wholly in Great Britain. Our in-house design team works to create an ever changing range of designs inspired by everything from our Scottish heritage to artistic movements and the natural world. We work tirelessly to bring an amazing array of unique, vibrant warps to our colour-loving customers. Together with Dawes we were able to create a system for producing complex three- to seven-colour gradations and these seamless fades, showcased on our woven slings, are now a firm favourite with Oscha fans.

We have an exclusive relationship with Dawes, meaning they weave the jacquard fabrics for all of our woven products and only produce sling fabric for us. This exclusivity has allowed us to foster a creative partnership, exploring new techniques and ingenious yarns. They have helped us to source high-quality organic cottons, along with more luxurious and unusual yarns such as royal alpaca, Britspun Suvin Gold and Seacell.

Oscha aims to bring creativity to the world of baby carrying, our continued desire to experiment with new weave techniques and interesting yarns means our partnership with Dawes evolves in exciting ways every day. Through our pioneering relationship, we have been able to launch new woven products, such as brushed cotton throws and lightweight, summer scarves. Creating new lines is an exciting aspect of the work we do together and the wonderful response these products have had from fans is due to the brilliant, creative relationship we have enjoyed with the craftspeople at Dawes.”

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