S Dawes Weaving Ltd specialise in producing high end jacquard fabrics for the furnishing, upholstery, industrial and apparel markets, as well as high-performance fabrics for the automotive and defence sectors.

We are constantly re-investing in the technology that ensures the quality of our products and speed of service is always improving. We serve fast moving markets and it is imperative we innovate too. In the manufacturing industry, innovation is critical – not only to help our business survive but also to give our customers a competitive edge.

Further investment for 2018

During the last 3 years S Dawes Weaving has invested over 600K on the latest machines and design software available. In 2015 we upgraded our design capability with the purchase of the Ned Graphics software system along with new Jacquard looms. This was followed with further capital investment last year when we took delivery of a Karl Mayer GOM Sample Warping Machine. This machine has given us the flexibility to offer clients many more options for colour woven warp designs without the prohibitive costs of outsourcing this service.

June 2017 saw another major investment and was in line with our commitment to invest in the latest technology. We installed a brand new single end Jacquard machine which is a new innovative machine and one of only 3 in Europe. To read more see our post titled,’New development jacquard machine installed and another on the way!

After securing new business with a major new client for 2018 and to ensure we meet demand for their luxury quality fabrics: we are investing in another Jacquard loom and will be making modifications to the mill layout including the installation of an extended mezzanine floor to give us more scope for extending our sample library and fabric inspection facilities. 

Tom Shepherd at the controls of the warping machine.



Oscha Slings – See more on our dedicated Oscha page, this amazing young company continues to go from strength to strength, working together with S Dawes Weaving to create luxurious fabrics for baby slings and other products.

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