in high-end

We specialise in weaving quality fabrics, including Jacquards, Tapestries, Linens, Sustainable Cottons, Recycled Fabrics – all woven in the UK with a skilled and dedicated team.

At our Lancashire Mill we have the knowledge, experience , machinery and vision to create any fabric. Using both Jacquard and Dobby Looms we weave for customers all over the world.

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Pushing the
boundaries of colour and
weave effect.

Many of our fabrics are produced exclusively for inclusion in the range of a number of leading retail outlets and quality high street stores, through to one-off bespoke patterns for individual Interior Designers and Retailers.


We specialise in producing high end Jacquard fabrics for the furnishing, upholstery, industrial and apparel markets.

We have the capability of turning new developments around within 5 working days and replicate existing fabrics by analysing the weave structure, yarn counts, yarn types and yarn combinations.

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£600k+ investment

weaves our future.

S Dawes Weaving has invested over £600K on the latest machines and design software available.

2015 - we upgraded our design capability with the purchase of the Ned Graphics software system along with new Jacquard looms.

2016 - This was followed with further capital investment when we took delivery of a Karl Mayer GOM Sample Warping Machine.

This machine has given us the flexibility to offer clients many more options for colour woven warp designs without the prohibitive costs of outsourcing this service.

New Jacquard machine.
Tom Sheperd production manager.

2017 - saw another major investment and was in line with our commitment to invest in the latest technology.

We installed a brand new single end Jacquard machine which is a new innovative machine and one of only 3 in Europe.

After securing new business with a major new client for 2018 and to ensure we meet demand for their luxury quality fabrics: we invested in another Jacquard loom and made modifications to the mill layout including the installation of an extended mezzanine floor giving us more scope for extending our sample library and fabric inspection facilities.


Caring about our planet and the limited resources we have left .

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With years of knowledge on weaving, designing, weave conversion, weave construction, fabric finishing, sampling and advising clients on how to achieve their required fabric look and handle.

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Quality fabrics since 1902

Proudly working with Oscha Slings.

This amazing young company continues to go from strength to strength, working together with S Dawes Weaving to create luxurious fabrics for baby slings and other products.

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Oscha Sling lady holding baby.